What is the Foreign Fire Fund?
The Illinois Foreign Fire Insurance Fund is distributed by the state of Illinois Muncipal League. The Municipal League collects insurance taxes from companies outside of the State of Illinois. Those funds are distributed to fire departments across the state to provide for the needs of the departments as the department sees fit to compensate for what is not provided by the municipality.

What is the purpose of this website?
It is required by the state of Illinois' Open Meeting Act to post agenda's and minutes on a website, if one is maintained. This website was created as an outlet for any Foreign Fire Fund that currently does not maintain their own site or would like to associate their fund as a seperate entity from the city and/or union websites to make the required information available to the public and to educate those with funds as to how to run their fund correctly. This site not only provides the information to the public as required, but also provides the necessary tools for eevery insurance fund to operate. These tools include management of the trustees and leadership, meetings, documents, a ledger and mass communication with both the trustees and the voting body.

Why is my city not on this website?
Participation on this website is at the sole discretion of each fund. Further, this is NOT an official Illinois government website. If you're unable to find your department's Fund online, it's possible your city, its union and/or its fund do not maintain a website.

How can I get our department on this website?
If you're interested in having your department be a part of this website, please have a member of your department's Foreign Fire Fund contact the developer.
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